PRIMUS team is glad to share that we are rewarded as SAP GOLD PARTNER ..!!

Big thanks to all of our Customers, Vendors, PRIMUS Family members & well-wishers for getting rewarded as the SAP GOLD PARTNER….!! This is because of your belief, commitments, consistent efforts, hard works, perseverance & positive thinking. Looking forward to the same in the future & excelling together..!!! Dear Team Members, Congratulations to you for all the hard works & positive thinking. It took the meaning of teamwork to a whole new level. The secret in winning as a team is cooperation, [...]


PRIMUS Techsystems Pvt. Ltd. Becomes a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner

PRIMUS  earns distinction through commitment to academic customers. PRIMUS has become a Microsoft Authorized Education Partner (AEP), demonstrating its ability to meet Microsoft academic customers’ evolving needs in today’s dynamic business environment. To earn a Microsoft AEP authorization, partners must complete a test to prove their level of academic licensing and market expertise. The AEP program is designed to train participating resellers on Microsoft’s Academic licensing, authorize them to purchase and resell Microsoft Academic licenses, and demonstrate to potential customers that they are approved and knowledgeable academic partners. [...]



SAP HANA is the Highest Growing Technology: There is no surprise in plenty of career opportunities in this field. Since it is one among the fastest-growing products in the history of SAP, it is considered by the industries as a groundbreaking key for in-memory databases. HANA is faster data processing software that is developed by SAP, the commercial software company. SAP HANA job profiles are rated as vastly paid among Information Technology industry over other modules of SAP. Reasons to Choose SAP HANA Higher [...]

PRIMUS reached on the TOP of the world.

PRIMUS on the TOP of the World!

PRIMUS Techsystems on top of the World! Fearless explorer Mr. Bhagwan Chawale takes PRIMUS Techsystems to Mt. Everest 17-May-2018 Mount Everest exhibit outstanding universal value, integrity, and authenticity and can only be experienced when you visit this home of the gods which is also called Chomolungma, the Mother of Gods. A trekker and mountaineer Bhagwan Chawale from Pune, India, thought of experiencing this inner beauty and started a journey to climb the world’ highest and most gruelling mountain range, Mt Everest, in [...]