Certificate in Data Visualization using Tableau

We are in an era where data is considered as fuel for running a business. The volume of data which is used in the current business world is massive and it continues to grow every day. The more data we collect and analyze, the more capable we become to take critical business decisions.

The four-day program will help you to understand your data better, using one of the most popular and powerful tools – Tableau. It makes your data powerful and efficient.

Tableau enables businesses to make critical decisions using its visualization feature, available for business users of any background and industry. It empowers businesses to keep up with the continuously evolving technology and outperform its competition through an innovative means of visualizing their data. This allows you to analyze your pricing sales, customer, market and other data using strategic formulas while visualizing the end results in a way that allows you to understand your next best steps and take action accordingly

Course Agenda    

• What is Business Intelligence and Analytics
• Background on BI:
• Current and future trends
• BI Landscape: Concepts, Tools & Technologies
• Industry requirements

• Opportunities
• Introduction to Tableau:
• Introduction to Tableau
• Level setting – Terminologies
• Fundamental concepts
• Demonstration of end product
• Tableau Product Line
• Architecture
Getting Started with Hands On
• Data Preparation
• Importance of data prep
• Understanding required data structure
• Data structuring and modelling (SQL Server)
• Connecting to data sources
• Joins and Cross Database joins
• Data Blending
• Data: Data Types, Dimensions & Measures, Continuous Vs Discrete
• In-Memory vs Live Connections
• Visual Analytics (Visualizations)
• Different visualization types
• Drill Down and Hierarchies
• Grouping
• Sets
• Filters
• Parameters
• Reference Lines, Trend Lines
• Dashboards
• Building dashboards
• Interactivity using Action Filters
• Calculations
• Calculations
• Table Calculations
• Deployment
• Tableau Server Administration
• Assignments

Who Should Attend?   

• Working professionals who intend to build their career in the field of analytics
• Service line Leads / in-charge
• Entrepreneurs
• Fresh Graduates and young professionals
• Mid-level Managers

Key Deliverables:    

• 32 hours of face-to-face sessions
• Hard copy of the presentations

• Access to -learning course on session videos of all the topics covered in the classroom

• practice on datasets

The program will help you to:
• Understand and visualize your complex business data in an easier way which will help you to take critical business decisions
• Create quick and interactive visualization which enables you to generate trends and get deeper insights of the business data
• Uncover new growth opportunities for the business

• Apply business intelligence solution faster for the critical business problems

Program Fees:

INR 25000 + Applicable taxes per participant.

CREDENCA will award “Certificate of Completion” to participants at the end of the program.

Program Fees:

INR 25000 + Applicable taxes per participant.

Note: Internship and placement support options are available.

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