Manoj Patade

I am placed in PRIMUS Techsystems Pvt. Ltd. as a SAP MM Consultant.
Internship provided by PRIMUS is very effective and helpful for cracking the interviews. Internship program is designed in a such way that candidate gets the exposure and knowledge of all key modules. During internship i got chance to learn all the important modules like MM, PP, QM and SD. Also during internship every week there are sessions organized by PRIMUS where candidate gets the chance to share his knowledge related to respective module and it helps us a lot to built up our self confidence. During internship we get chance to work on dummy project that helps us to have practical exposer and responsibilities as SAP consultant.
Teaching faculty provided by PRIMUS is very good especially Bhosale sir. He is expertise in logistic. Best teacher i found which helped me a lot. Learning under his guidance was very helpful. He explains each and every topic in depth theoretically and practically that helps me us a lot while working on project. He continuously supports and motivates us to reach this position. Also I have learned lot from Pallavi madam about MM-FI integration.She is well qualified as a CA & has sound knowledge in Finance & Accounts.I would like to thank Ajay sir, Ram sir, Suhas sir and Pallavi madam for their support and providing such good knowledge. Without them it would not be possible to have career in SAP. I have received proper hands on experience by practicing during training, certification and internship.
During internship i have covered important contents like enterprise structure, good cross functional experience of MM-FI integration and MM-PP integration. Some other important topics like import/export process, subcontracting processes, Cin setting, batch management, physical inventory and configuration. Some advance scenarios are also covered during internship. Also standard business processes regarding QM and SD module and most valuable hands on practice I have found covered in internship.Infrastructure provided by PRIMUS is so good, positive and time friendly.
I would like to thank all the staff of PRIMUS for their extended support and facilities. Wishing PRIMUS good luck and success in future.