Tanmay Kulkarni

I am placed in Bristlecone India Ltd. As Associate Consultant working on ASEA Brown Bouveri’s (ABB) Project REMSC (Regional ERP Management and Support Center) which handles SAP operations ABB in over 34 countries.
PRIMUS Internship was very helpful as I learned almost everything. The hands on experience there is unmatched anywhere in the industry. Once you undergo a full time internship at Primus its very unlikely that you won’t be able to crack an interview
Pallavi Madam is a senior consultant in the industry and her knowledge is unmatched. She teaches every small aspect of the system that is used in business processes. You get a good idea of other modules as well. The dummy project which we implement is very informative during internship. The best thing about PRIMUS is that you don’t remain limited to your module only. I got a very good idea of other modules like MM, SD, CO modules and their inter relations with FI.
OLT is complete theoretical, you must have some hands on with the business processes which are used in the industry. That is what I got during internship. The Infrastructure is pretty good as you get PRIMUS’s servers to practice. Also there are orientations on the current developments in the SAP industry by experts which is really helpful.
As Primus is expanding they will have to get another bigger office soon! I want to thank Manoj sir, Ram sir, Ajay and all the support staff for their valuable guidance.