Yeleswarapu Pradeep

I am placed in Capgemini as SAP FI Senior Software Engineer
PRIMUS Internship provides the required edge to reach extra mile to crack the interview. Faculties/Mentors under whom I was trained was Ms. Pallavi and Mr. Ajay Bhosale. Both are highly skilled and masters in their area of work. They don’t teach as it’s their job to do so, but because it is their passion & interest to guide & teach us. They take pains to explain us every minor detail not only in SAP but in our domain as well, which you need to know before you start learning SAP core module. Mark my words, no other mentor will teach you A, B, C, D of accounting which Pallavi madam does in the daily sessions. The faculties look like any other normal people. But what you see is just the tip of the Ice berg in an ocean; if you really wish to test their knowledge put some tough questions in front of them. Then only you will realize the depth & strength of their knowledge.
In OLT, you are given all parts of an Aircraft in your hand & you have to assemble all the parts on yourself and in the end you never know if your Aircraft will even be able make it to the runway or not. In internship you are provided with Mentor who guides you end to end and required infrastructure which helps you to assemble your Aircraft and fly high in the sky.
When I came for admission in PRIMUS for SAP training & certification, I saw PRIMUS as one of the institutes offering SAP certification, but today when I look back I realized it is the best training institute. I do not know what other institutes provide or what they do not provide, but PRIMUS Internship program is the best offering & very important for long growth career in SAP in today’s market scenario.