Why SAP Certification?

Just like most other IT skills, SAP certification is full of confusing because of the contrast between the importance of certification versus hands-on SAP skills.  If you intend to have a career as SAP consultant the choice is easy. In that case you are required to obtain the certificate from SAP.


Why should you think about SAP Certification?

SAP Certification is an exam conducted by SAP AG, the leading provider of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software and it is expensive, it’s time to jolt down those good old pro’s and con’s and decide whether it is right investment to make.Yes..! You might already know everything about SAP but if choices are there against you, who have experience and certification, they are more likely to get that job.

SAP is one of IT skills that are likely to always be in very high demand, even during periods when economy is doing rather poorly. It is not investment into present, but into the future.

If you are hoping to get certified in order to get a job, Training institute play vital role along with assisting you in job placements. This technology is very much in demand, and there is always going to be more qualified personnel than jobs.


What is SAP and SAP certification is a great way for business and information technology professionals to build their careers by learning about one of the most popular corporate software systems in use.

SAP systems include various fully integrated modules covering almost every aspect of business management. While most businesses today are looking to work upon a SAP framework, a SAP certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees. Not just regional job prospects, but SAP entertains hiring across the world. SAP is a globally recognized business platform today in various functional fields like Financial Accounting, Sales and Marketing, Production Planning and Materials Management and many such fields.


Essential Information:

Similar to its biggest competitor, Oracle, SAP certification exams have restricted registration; however, SAP’s scope of registration is bigger than Oracle’s. There are no prerequisites for the professional and associate levels of certification. Candidates simply choose the exam they think is best suited for their knowledge and experience.


Career Options:

SAP is the fourth largest software company worldwide, and its products are used by an increasing number of businesses. Therefore, SAP certification is a widely sought skill set in the current job market. The company’s website also hosts a job board allowing employers to connect with certified professionals. Here are a few common listings from that board:

  • SAP project manager
  • Managing consultant
  • SAP application specialist
  • SAP consultant
  • ABAP developer


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