Plant Maintainence


SAP 129 – SAP Navigation (learning hub)

  • The SAP Navigation course is designed to familiarize learners with key terms and how to navigate within the SAP system.
  • Logging on and off
  • Understanding and recognizing SAP screens, menus, fields, and special features
  • Recognizing SAP icons
  • Find out how to use ‘Application Help’ and the SAP Library
  • Set up ‘Favorites’ for frequently used transactions
  • Understanding system messages
  • Set up default values
  • Navigate SAP standard reports
  • Test your knowledge through review questions and system simulations

SAP01e – SAP Overview

  • This course will provide you with an overview of the following topics:
  • Identifying SAP Applications and Components
  • Learn how to navigate within the SAP system
  • Personalizing your screens
  • Exploring SAP’s system-wide concepts
  • Introduction to basic processes in SAP HCM & Payroll
  • Processing procure-to-pay transactions and understanding terminology
  • Streamlining the procurement process with SAP SRM
  • Using PLM to react quickly to customer demands
  • Processing plan-to-produce transactions and understanding terminology
  • Using SAP SCM to manage supply and demand
  • Processing order-to-cash transactions and understanding terminology
  • Using SAP CRM to enhance relationships with customers
  • Recording of business transactions on financial statements
  • Monitoring internal costs using management accounting
  • Using analytics and strategic planning reports
  • Utilizing SAP services to support your implementations
  • Run a Business Warehouse analysis report
  • Execute a profitability analysis report
  • Maintain employee information
  • Explain the benefits of the SAP Business Suite

PLM305 – Managing Technical Objects

  • Functional locations (further functions)
  • Equipment (further functions)
  • Classification
  • BOMs
  • Serial numbers
  • Measuring points and counters

PLM310 – Maintenance and service processing preventative

  • Management of Task Lists
  • Single Cycle Maintenance planning
  • Maintenance planning with a strategy – time-based
  • Maintenance planning with a strategy – performance-based
  • Maintenance planning with cycles of a different dimension
  • Supplementary processes for preventive maintenance

PLM315 – Maintenance processing operational functions

  • Notification (notification types, catalogs, catalog profiles)
  • Planning (order type, work center, costing)
  • Controlling (checking availability, scheduling, printing)
  • Completion (confirmation, settlement, history)

PLM318 – Analytics in enterprise asset management

  • Business data in the ERP backend: lists and reports
  • Data update to the Logistics Information System
  • Enterprise Asset Management and SAP BW: Data Transfer and Data Storage
  • Standard BW queries for Enterprise Asset Management
  • Planning maintenance budgets (BW-BPS).

PLM320 – WCM (Work Clearance Management)

  • Overview of work clearance management
  • Asset structuring
  • Work clearance management architecture
  • Approval and permit process
  • Lockout / tagout process
  • Integration of WCM with maintenance order
  • Extended functions
  • Customizing