Virtual Live Classroom

Get Trained without Traveling

With virtual live classroom training you get comprehensive training from SAP experts using seamless over-the Web connectivity. The same content delivered in SAP’s traditional ‘brick and mortar’ classrooms is presented during virtual live classroom deliveries. As in SAP’s traditional classrooms, SAP virtual live classroom stresses hands-on learning providing each registered student with exclusive access to live SAP systems throughout each course. Reduce your travel expenses with our virtual classroom training.

Course Time Table

Course codeName CourseStart DateEnd DateDuration
TFIN50TFIN50 Financial Accounting I08-07-1920-07-1910
TFIN52Financial Accounting II22-07-1902-08-1910
TSCM60Order Fulfillment I08-07-1920-07-1910
TSCM62Order Fulfillment II22-07-1902-08-1910
TAW10ABAP Workbench Fundamentals08-07-1920-07-1910
TAW12ABAP Workbench Concepts22-07-1902-08-1910
TSCM50Procurement I08-07-1920-07-1910
TSCM52Procurement II (incl. case study)22-07-1902-08-1910
THR10Management Administration 108-07-1920-07-1910
THR12Management Administration 222-07-1902-08-1910
PLM300Business Processes in Plant Maintenance08-07-1912-07-195
PLM305Managing Technical Objects15-07-1917-07-193
PLM310Preventive Maintenance and Service18-07-1920-07-193
PLM315Customizing Maintenance Processing22-07-1924-07-193
PLM318Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management25-07-1926-07-192
TFIN50TFIN50 Financial Accounting I05-08-1916-08-1910
TFIN52Financial Accounting II19-08-1930-08-1910
TSCM60Order Fulfillment I05-08-1916-08-1910
TSCM62Order Fulfillment II19-08-1930-08-1910
TAW10ABAP Workbench Fundamentals05-08-1916-08-1910
TAW12ABAP Workbench Concepts19-08-1930-08-1910
TSCM50Procurement I05-08-1916-08-1910
TSCM52Procurement II (incl. case study)19-08-1930-08-1910
THR10Management Administration 105-08-1916-08-1910
THR12Management Administration 219-08-1930-08-1910
PLM114Basic Data for Production05-08-1909-08-195
SCM240Production Planning in ERP12-08-1916-08-195
SCM130SAP ERP Planning and Manufacturing Overview19-08-1923-08-195
SCM310Production Orders26-08-1930-08-195
SCM300Business Processes in Manufacturing (SAP ERP)02-09-1904-09-193
SCM365Capacity Evaluation and Leveling in ECC05-09-1907-09-193
TFIN50TFIN50 Financial Accounting I09-09-1920-09-1910
TFIN52Financial Accounting II23-09-1904-10-1910
TSCM60Order Fulfillment I09-09-1920-09-1910
TSCM62Order Fulfillment II23-09-1904-10-1910
TAW10ABAP Workbench Fundamentals09-09-1920-09-1910
TAW12ABAP Workbench Concepts23-09-1904-10-1910
TSCM50Procurement I09-09-1920-09-1910
TSCM52Procurement II (incl. case study)23-09-1904-10-1910
THR10Management Administration 109-09-1920-09-1910
THR12Management Administration 223-09-1904-10-1910
PLM200Business Processes in Project Management09-09-1913-09-195
PLM210Master Data Configuration in SAP Project System16-09-1917-09-192
PLM220Project Management – Logistics23-09-1927-09-195
PLM230SAP Project System — Controlling30-09-1904-10-195
TFIN50TFIN50 Financial Accounting I07-10-1918-10-1910
TFIN52Financial Accounting II21-10-1901-11-1910
TSCM60Order Fulfillment I07-10-1918-10-1910
TSCM62Order Fulfillment II21-10-1901-11-1910
TAW10ABAP Workbench Fundamentals07-10-1918-10-1910
TAW12ABAP Workbench Concepts21-10-1901-11-1910
TSCM50Procurement I07-10-1918-10-1910
TSCM52Procurement II (incl. case study)21-10-1901-11-1910
THR10Management Administration 107-10-1918-10-1910
THR12Management Administration 221-10-1901-11-1910
PLM300Business Processes in Plant Maintenance07-10-1911-10-195
PLM305Managing Technical Objects14-10-1916-10-193
PLM310Preventive Maintenance and Service17-10-1919-10-193
PLM315Customizing Maintenance Processing21-10-1923-10-193
PLM318Analytics in Enterprise Asset Management24-10-1925-10-192
TFIN50TFIN50 Financial Accounting I18-11-1929-11-1910
TFIN52Financial Accounting II02-12-1913-12-1910
TSCM60Order Fulfillment I18-11-1929-11-1910
TSCM62Order Fulfillment II02-12-1913-12-1910
TAW10ABAP Workbench Fundamentals18-11-1929-11-1910
TAW12ABAP Workbench Concepts02-12-1913-12-1910
TSCM50Procurement I18-11-1929-11-1910
TSCM52Procurement II (incl. case study)02-12-1913-12-1910
THR10Management Administration 118-11-1929-11-1910
THR12Management Administration 202-12-1913-12-1910
PLM114Basic Data for Production18-11-1922-11-195
SCM240Production Planning in ERP25-11-1929-11-195
SCM130SAP ERP Planning and Manufacturing Overview02-12-1906-12-195
SCM310Production Orders09-12-1913-12-195
SCM300Business Processes in Manufacturing (SAP ERP)16-12-1918-12-193
SCM365Capacity Evaluation and Leveling in ECC02-12-1913-12-193
TFIN50TFIN50 Financial Accounting I16-12-1927-12-1910
TFIN52Financial Accounting II30-12-1910-01-2010
TSCM60Order Fulfillment I16-12-1927-12-1910
TSCM62Order Fulfillment II30-12-1910-01-2010
TAW10ABAP Workbench Fundamentals16-12-1927-12-1910
TAW12ABAP Workbench Concepts30-12-1910-01-2010
TSCM50Procurement I16-12-1927-12-1910
TSCM52Procurement II (incl. case study)30-12-1910-01-2010
THR10Management Administration 116-12-1927-12-1910
THR12Management Administration 230-12-1910-01-2010
PLM200Business Processes in Project Management16-12-1920-12-195
PLM210Master Data Configuration in SAP Project System23-12-1924-12-192
PLM220Project Management – Logistics30-12-1903-01-205
PLM230SAP Project System — Controlling06-01-2010-01-205

What you’ll need to take a SAP course ?

Taking virtual live classroom training delivers the same high quality content, course work and experience as our physical classroom training. There are some differences in how you take the course though. The VLC participant guide includes information on how to prepare for VLC training. You will need to ensure you have verified technical pre-requisites at least three days prior to your participation in a virtual live classroom course. SAP Education has provided you with a detailed document describing the required technical checks: VLC – participant guide

Learn how SAP virtual live classroom can benefit you and your learning requirements.

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Get longer daily access to SAP servers for hands-on activities than in traditional SAP classrooms.

  • Access is not * limited to training center hours.
  • Access to a live instructor for the complete duration of the course training from wherever you choose.

Virtual live training allows you to:

  • Access electronic versions of course materials which you can optionally print. No need to haul or ship bulky printed manuals back home after class completion
  • Use your own PC for the duration of the class
  • Interact with classmates from around the country and world