Management Accounting
  • Using recorded presentations, system demonstrations, practice simulations, quizzes, and assessments you will be introduced to:
    • SAP ERP organizational levels
    • Functions and structures of master data throughout SAP ERP
    • SAP ERP analytical and reporting solutions
  • Describe the Tasks in SAP Financial Accounting
  • Defining Organizational Structures in Financial Accounting
  • Defining General Ledger Master Data
  • Using the General Ledger
  • Describing the Functions of Management Accounting
  • Organizational Levels in Management Accounting
  • Posting to SAP Management Accounting
  • Organization Units and Master Data of Overhead Cost Management (Cost Elements, Cost Centers, Activity Types, Statistical Key Figures, Internal Orders)
  • Debiting Cost Centers and Internal Orders
  • Validation, Substitution, Reposting, Direct Activity Allocation
  • Periodic Postings of Overhead Management (Periodic Reposting, Distribution, Allocation, Settlement, Overhead Rates)
  • Planning of Costs, Activities and Prices
  • Cost Estimates with and without Quantity Structure
  • Scenario of Cost Object Controlling with Preliminary Costing, Simultaneous Costing and Periodic Closing Activities

This course is meant to familiarize you with the principles and terminology of the SAP Solution Manager. You will be introduced to the benefits of using the SAP Solution Manager during the implementation of your SAP solutions and during ongoing support and operations.

  • Profit Center Master Data and Assigning Master Data (in new general ledger)
  • Actual Postings of Profit Centers (in new general ledger)
  • Profit Center Planning (in new general ledger)
  • Data Structures of Profitability Accounting
  • Derivation of Profitability Segments
  • Valuation of Value Fields
  • Actual Posting in Profitability Analysis
  • Planning in Profitability Analysis
  • Report Painter
  • Drilldown Reporting
  • Integrated Case Study: Implementing a business case scenario, Configuration of Enterprise Structure, Master Data and Business Cases in an SAP-System
  • Review and Preparation for Certification

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