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SAP Consultant must have knowledge

SAP Consultant must have knowledge; In-depth industry knowledge: A consultant who has implementation experience in the same or similar industry can understand a company’s business processes quickly and promptly deliver …

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Five Phases of SAP methodlogy.

Phase 1: Project Preparation – The purpose of this phase is to provide initial planning and preparation for your SAP project. Phase 2: Business Blueprint – The purpose of this …

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Quality Time… at Work?

We all know the expression “quality time.” We long to spend some quality time with our family and friends


SAP HANA is the Highest Growing Technology: There is no surprise in plenty of career opportunities in this field. Since it is one among the fastest-growing products in the history …

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PRIMUS on the TOP of the World!

PRIMUS Techsystems on top of the World! Fearless explorer Mr. Bhagwan Chawale takes PRIMUS Techsystems to Mt. Everest 17-May-2018 Mount Everest exhibit outstanding universal value, integrity, and authenticity and can …

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