Material Management

Today, most successful manufacturing companies use SAP ERP to get their manufacturing processes streamlined- from Procurement Handling to Inventory Management. With the growing market there is demand for efficient materials management and with SAP ERP in the driver’s seat, there is a high demand for SAP ERP’s MM experts. SAP eAcademy’s MM module equips you with knowledge on how to effectively automate the entire supply chain and design a reliable manufacturing process. In addition, the certification goes hand-in-hand with an exponential career growth.

I. Within an Organization

As an SAP Certified Consultant you could be absorbed by a leading company. Based on your experience and your functional expertise, you would start as a Project Manager. The exposure you get will be the much-needed catalyst for your compensation package to climb more than a few notches.

II. As an Independent

Consultant As an SAP functional consultant you can work independently potential becomes that much igher. You would be the one person that companies across the globe turn to all their SAP related needs.

III. As an SAP Trainer
Employees of most SAP customers require extensive training and who better to provide than that of you- an SAP Certified Consultant and a few years of experience, you also have the option of becoming an SAP Trainer.

  • The SAP Navigation course is designed to familiarize learners with key terms and how to navigate within the SAP system.
  • You will be introduced to the key areas of SAP screens, fields, and features.
  • You will also be introduced to ways in which you can obtain additional help, modify and customize the look of your SAP system, as well as apply more advanced skills.

This course is meant to familiarize you with the principles and terminology of the SAP Solution Manager. You will be introduced to the benefits of using the SAP Solution Manager during the implementation of your SAP solutions and during ongoing support and operations.

  • Using recorded presentations, system demonstrations, practice simulations, quizzes, and assessments you will be introduced to:
  • SAP ERP organizational levels
  • Functions and structures of master data throughout SAP ERP
  • SAP ERP analytical and reporting solutions
  • Using recorded presentations, system demonstrations, practice simulations, quizzes, and assessments you will be introduced to:
  • How SAP NetWeaver supports business processes
  • The technical infrastructure components SAP NetWeaver
  • Organizational Levels and Master Data
  • Purchase Requisitions and Purchase Orders
  • Goods Receipts and Transfer Postings
  • Invoice Verification and Vendor Payment
  • Reporting functions
  • Stock transfers and transfer postings intra- and inter-plants
  • Warehouse management
  • Physical inventory procedures
  • Procurement of stock material, consumable material, and services
  • Master data of materials management: material, vendor, purchasing info record, source list, quota arrangement
  • Documents and functions of purchasing: purchase requisition, request for quotation/quotation, purchase order, contract, scheduling agreement, source determination, and document release procedure
  • Planning procurement proposals using consumption-based planning, especially the procedure of reorder point planning
  • Details and customizing settings of logistics invoice verification
  • Reports
  • Automation options in the external procurement process
  • Goods receipts, goods issues, and transfer postings
  • Reservations
  • Special forms of inventory management
  • Preparation and performance of a physical inventory
  • Customizing settings for organizational levels, master data, purchasing, inventory management, physical inventory, and account determination
  • Integrated case study for implementation of a fictitious demo company using specific business processes: configuration and mapping of the company structure, master data, and business processes in the SAP system
  • Certification examination SAP Certified Application Associate – Procurement with SAP ERP 6.0 on the content of the courses

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