Corporates Training

PRIMUS Techsystems SAP Education journey is helping corporates to get the most up-to-date SAP training in core modules, advance modules including Leonardo skills and quickly learn how to use, manage and sustain these cutting-edge technologies that are essential to digital transformation of the organization.

PRIMUS SAP Education have helped corporates like Volkswagen, Jain Irrigation, Franke and Hirschvogel and many more in the following

SAP Education for End Users, Core team along with certifications

  • Empower business users, from in-house developers to sales and marketers – with suite of world-class SAP training courses, enablement solutions and certification programs.

SAP Education for End Users, Core team along with certifications

  • SAP Enable Now provides capabilities to embed employee training’s where it’s needed most. Create and deploy e-learning, user documentation, on-demand documentation, context-sensitive help, test scripts, and many more- all with simplicity and speed for reuse in different learning scenarios.
  • SAP User Experience Management by KNOA provides actionable information on how to improve the efficiency of SAP Application software and the people who use it. It has analytics engine to generate user-experience metrics Real-time analytics about how users execute business transactions.

All the courses those are offered by SAP are available with PRIMUS value added internship. The details of the courses can be checked on